The Let's Short URL Bot is a simple Telegram bot to short your URLs.

When you start the bot you can choose between different providers like Tinyurl or cuttly, but you can also configure your own YOURLS URL shortener. When you're finished with the settings you can just send your long links and get back the shortened version.

To the bot


/startWith this command the bot will be started the first time.
/helpWith this command you get an overview about all commands.
/languageWith this command you can change the language of the bot.
/tinyurlSets Tinyurl as default provider.
/cuttlySets Cuttly as default provider.
/yourlsTo set your own YOURLS shortener as default provider.
/resetResets the provider settings.
/mylinksWith this command you get an overview about all your shortened links.
/privacyWith this command you get to the privacy menu.
/aboutWith this command you get some information about the developer.

privacy policy

When you use the bot you accept the privacy policy.

storage of date

Your data is securely stored in a Google Firebase Realtime Database.
You can find the privacy policy of Firebase here.
The following data is saved:

user id, username, first and last name, shortened URLs, language settings, provider settings

your rights

According to the GDPR, you have the right to information, correction and deletion of your data.
This can be done directly in Telegram. You get to the privacy menu by sending /privacy to the bot. Ther you can inquiry about all data of yours saved by us and can delete all your personal data from our database.
If you erase all your data it can't be recovered but you can get used to the bot again by sending /start.


If you want to use the bot with your own YOURLS shortener I have some tips for you.
Requirements for your own URL shortener with YOURLS are your own web server, a MySQL or MariaDB database and a (as short as possible) domain.

  1. Download the latest version of YOURLS on GitHub and unzip the data.
  2. Copy the file user/config-sample.php to user/config.php and type in your database settings.
  3. Further parameters to set can be found here.
  4. Upload the files to your webserver.
  5. Go to and log in.
  6. Activate the plugin "RandomShortURLs" under "Plugins" and set the URL length.
  7. Go to "Tools" and copy your API link in format
  8. Go back to the bot, send /yourls and in the next step paste your copied link.


Copyright © Simon Eller

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